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Alphaform Labs S4

S4 from Alphaform Labs is a potent Andarine SARM which works to give you the boost you need to hit your workout goals.

Andarine causes increased activity at androgen cells, leading to increased protein synthesis. S4 is best used during a cutting period thanks to the fact that it helps to cut catabolism. This means it works actively while you are cutting when you are more likely to lose muscle. S4 gives the user a more defined and vascular look even when cutting.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Protein Synthesis – S4 causes increased activity at androgen cells, which leads to increased protein synthesis and reduces the loss of muscle if cutting.
  • Perfect when Cutting – S4 is designed to be used when cutting and helps to cut catabolism so that you maintain your muscle.
  • Defined and Vascular – S4 helps to give the user a more defined and vascular look even when cutting.

Who is Alphaform Labs S4 For?

Maintaining muscle while cutting can be tough, and there is no problem with getting a little help along the way, which is where S4 comes in. If you’re looking to cut but want to keep your muscle and look even while cutting this is a great way to do it.

When to Use Alphaform Labs S4?

As a dietary supplement take 2 caps per day. Do not exceed the recommended amount or take longer than 4 continuous weeks without an 8 week off period.

Who Are Alphaform Labs?

Alphaform Labs are THE name in innovative hardcore supplements - with premium quality guaranteed you can be assured of maximum performance when training with Alphaform support.

Swiss Pharma Turkesterone

Highest Quality Available

Brand new product from Swiss Pharma Turkesterone, derived from Uzbekistan and utilizing a high dose or Ajuka Turkestanica ( standardized for Turkesterone ) this anabolic compound will help to :

Increase Strength
Increase Libido
Decrease Fat
Build Lean Muscle

Turkesterone is a class of compounds called Ecydesterones, these are compounds that can help increase performance.

Turkesterone has been used since the 60s but only recently has it has gained more and more notoriety for its ability to Increase physical performance.

It is important to note that Turkesterone does not Inhibit any side effects, quite the opposite in fact, it can help with an increase in natural testosterone levels as well as an increase in the Immune system, which living in the world we do now, is a very important thing, not only that but living an active gym-going lifestyle can put a lot of stress on the body, having a supplement that can not only aid physical performance but aid the Immune system and keep you healthy is quite something!

Each Capsule contains 250 mg Turkesterone.


Take 2 Capsules (500 mg) Daily for a minimum of 30 days

Alphaform Labs S4 & Swiss Pharma Turkesterone.